Truth is not determined by its acceptance or comprehension.

“Truth doesn’t change with our comprehension or acceptance of it. Truth is truth, whether we accept it or not. An example of that is this: We don’t cease to be what we are simply because a fruit fly can’t comprehend all our personality, who we are, and our personal history. That fruit fly will live and die without ever knowing anything about you…or caring. All it wants is the banana you left in a sack on a warm day. That’s it. It doesn’t care. Does that mean you aren’t who you are because the fruit fly doesn’t believe or comprehend? Does that mean that you cease to exist because the roly-poly out in your front yard doesn’t comprehend you? Does God cease to exist because our neighbor doesn’t comprehend him or choose to believe in him? Or their construct doesn’t “allow” him to exist? In this universe, we and our neighbor are just fruit flies. Our ability or inability to understand it is, frankly, quite irrelevant to the veracity of the truth or the existence of God. Simply saying “I don’t have the proof” or “You can’t show me the proof” — in the end — means diddly. Somebody in the 1200s couldn’t have proven anything about quantum mechanics with the constructs they had, but it didn’t change a thing about what’s in our universe.”

From the Sunday message, “Jesus Knocks it Out the Park”, Troy Church of Christ, May 20, 2012

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