St. Patrick’s Day Links of the Week

Looking through my archives, I came across this post from St. Patrick’s Day 2007, and thought these links worth revisiting. Be blessed!

In line with St. Patrick’s Day, I offer you a few links today with Irish roots:

  • First is a link to Jim McGuiggan’s excellent site full of articles, study and resources (and even his own modernization of The Scarlet Letter).  Mr. McGuiggan ministers in Holywood, County Down, and is an excellent Bible teacher and author.
  • Second is Tony Coffey’s site “Bible Answers: God’s Answers to Life’s Questions”.  Mr. Coffey serves the Lord and His church in Dublin, and is part of a wonderful mission work in India.
  • Third is a ministry to children, Camp Shamrock.  It is a labor of love by the churches of Northern Ireland and a faithful brother in ministry, Bert Ritchie of Coleraine (who is also involved in the mission work in India).  Bert and I are both supported in our ministries in part by the Northside Church of Christ in Bonham, Texas.
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