Links of the Week

The more of David Lipscomb I read, the more I appreciate both him and the Restoration Movement in its earlier days. Here are just a couple of recent posts by John Mark Hicks:
•  What Was the Mission of Christ? David Lipscomb Answers
•  David Lipscomb on Wealth and Possessions

If you’re a conservationist, you’ll find this story about the damage caused by the irresponsible release of pythons and other large snakes in Florida alarming. They are taking a devastating toll on the natural wildlife.

As I posted on Facebook, I think this photo is just really begging for a good caption. I was reminded of the old Bugs Bunny line: “I knew I should have taken a left in Albuquerque!”

It has been a big week for abortion this week. The Susan G. Komen Foundation made a decision to cease its funding of Planned Parenthood (for reasons, despite what the propaganda firestorm would have you believe, that were not about abortion). Planned Parenthood has released an all-out nuclear attack on Komen, saying their decision was politically motivated. In the meantime, they fail to see that their own motives are also purely political. It’s hypocrisy in its highest form.  As Rod Dreher pointed out, it’s starting to look like a 1920s Chicago-style racket over at PP. For great coverage of how it is playing out in the media, and some eye-opening truth, see Mollie’s two posts at Media discover Planned Parenthood is controversial & Media genuflect before Church of Planned Parenthood.

I love Terry Rush’s spirit of evangelism. He gives some great advice about how humbling ourselves can often be the key that opens doors: THE MASTER EVANGELIZER

Last week Matt Dabbs had a great post on how the church needs a healthy dose of desegregation. Amen.

Finally…if only Ferrari made a car for a preacher’s budget, this would be the way I’d want to see the Adirondacks this winter:

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