Panoramic Photos of the Catskills

One think I’ve come to enjoy is taking a panoramic shot of the places we visit when traveling. My camera has a built-in panoramic function, but it isn’t really very good. Instead, I use a free-for-no-profit program called Microsoft ICE for stitching together multiple photos. It works very well, and you can find some I’ve done (several with just my iPhone) here. You can view larger versions of the two below by clicking on the photos and going to the Flickr page.

With our older daughter free Monday because of Columbus Day, we decided to do a bit of exploring ourselves, and I took a couple of panoramic shots that turned out pretty well. This first one is the view a couple of homes have as their front porch view:

And this is as we got a bit closer to the Catskills (we drove on through the mountains to enjoy the fall colors, but the roads were too windy and narrow for pictures at that point):

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