There’s an app for that…

Though you might not know it today, I was actually resistant to getting on the iPhone bandwagon.  Could it really be worth that much?  Would I really use the internet on my phone?  (Yes, in fact its the phone function I’m now asking that question about.)  Apps?  Nah, I won’t need those. (Wrong.)

So, a year or so ago when my phone qualified for an upgrade discount, AT&T was running a special on refurbished phones (was hesitant, but this thing’s been perfect) I caved.  A major factor in caving was that my pda was becoming caveman ware, and wasn’t even supported anymore with software updates.  The battery was also dying, and was going to cost almost as much as the iPhone to replace.  The appeal of merging two gadgets to one is what got me.  I haven’t looked back.  I’d far sooner cut cable and the landline.  It’s that handy.

So, here are a few of the apps that I use an a regular basis that have made it worthwhile for me:

  • First and foremost is the Olive Tree Bible software.  I’ve been a customer since I bought my first pda, a Handspring Visor (still here in my office, still works perfectly).  I purchased the NASB with the Greek/Hebrew lexicon, there are several free Bibles as well, including the recent addition of the Holman CSB (like that).  Not only are they making constant improvements, but they have never charged me again when I’ve changed devices, I just download the appropriate reader and keep going.  Considering that’s been 11 years, I’d say that’s a two thumbs way up and a great value!  (Don’t you wish MS Office worked like that?)
  • I also use the Logos free Bible app.  The disadvantage here is that it requires a data connection, whereas the Olive Tree program saves the Bibles to your iPhones memory.  Faster, and good when you’re low on signal.  Logos does have Bibles you can keep in your iPhone’s memory, but it’ll cost you.
  • The flashlight app.  Simple, effective, extremely handy out at camp when I’ve forgotten my flashlight back in the cabin.  Again.
  • I use the Starbucks Mobile app to reload my card and keep track of my balance and rewards.  You can use it to pay for your coffee at Target Store nested Starbucks, but that seems pointless to me.  I can have my card out of my wallet faster than the app would load and the employee scan it.
  • Google Mobile App is handy for getting to Google Reader, Docs, Gmail, etc.  The voice search (speak, don’t type) is surprisingly accurate.
  • Postman is $2,99 (I don’t think it was when I bought it, I’m usually a miser in this area), but I use it a lot for sending postcards to friends and family.  You can take a photo, create a snazzy little postcard, complete with a “postmark” and send it via email, facebook, or twitter.  Grandmothers love getting them!
  • Speaking of photos, Photoshop Express is another freebie I use pretty often.
  • If you’ve got a Mac and use Keynote 2, you can download Keynote Remote by Apple (free) and control your slideshow.  It’ll show your notes as well if you choose.
  • When we took a family trip to NYC back in February, I discovered just how great the Yelp app can be in a city with lots of user participation.  You can look up all kinds of business, restaurants, etc. and get reader reviews and suggestions, as well as directions from Google maps.  Great little free app when your traveling (and I’ve used it often here in the Albany/Schenectady/Troy area,too).
  • I like to keep track of my vehicles’ mpg and expenses, and Gas Cubby by Fram is a great little free app for that.
  • And yes, my name is James, and I’m an Angry Birds addict.

If you’re an iPhone/Droid/Crackberry user, what apps would be on your list?

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