4 Things to Remember When Studying the New Testament

1. However I read the Bible, it must fit with the message of John 3:16-17. God’s greatest desire is our salvation…condemnation will have been our desire, not His (and why would I want that?!).

2. Pronouns often shape the story.  For example, the Bible is not nearly as individualistic as we read it, thanks to the English words “you” (singular) and “you” (plural).  Almost every time you see “you” in Jesus’ teachings and the epistles, it’s plural.  So many of the texts aren’t about individual blessings, etc, but about the Christian community.

3. There is no Leviticus in the New Testament.  It’s not a legal code.  Simple, but perhaps revolutionary, that.

4. God does not condemn for secret, unspoken reasons.  He loves us enough to tell us what kind of lives will separate us from His fellowship.  Life’s not a speed trap full of unposted speed-limits, and God is not Roscoe P. Coltrane.

What important principles would you add that you have learned as you’ve studied the New Testament?

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