Teens, texting, and the 3rd Commandment on Nightline


No using the name of GOD your God, in curses or silly banter; GOD won’t put up with the irreverant use of his name.” –Exodus 20:7, The Message

Video link:  Nightline – Are Your Kids Sinners?

While I could have done without the examples from movies and sitcoms (seems gratuitous and sensational and adds nothing helpful), I’m glad to see Nightline actually took the subject on.  Kids (and adults) that never would have verbally taken the Lord’s name in vain do so all the time via text, chat, etc.  God is worthy of honor, not flippant disregard and a cheapening of His name.  In some ways, I’ve looked at this for a good while as a Golden Rule issue as well — no flippant disregard shown to God I wouldn’t want shown to me or my name.  That’s really the issue of the command isn’t it?  It is not a merely legalistic ban, but a healthy respect for the God the name represents, and that respect and reverence leading to God-honoring speech.  The defense that “it doesn’t mean anything” actually may be even more disrespectful than if it did.  Remember Jesus’ attitude toward those who were lukewarm (aka indifferent, “whatever”) about God?  Sure, that’s a different context and subject, but the principle of God’s view toward indifference may well speak to our generation’s lackadaisical attitude toward texting and the name of our God.   What do you think?  How and what are you teaching your children about using the Lord’s name in vain?

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