Funny moments the last couple of days

  • Tanya is deathly afraid of snakes.  It goes back to two things–she grew up in Texas (aka the Land of Rattlesnakes and Water Moccasins), and her brothers used to chase her around and taunt her with garden snakes.  Yesterday, I was glad I keep the shotgun under lock and key or I’d be out of a TV.  I had it turned to “Sunrise Earth” and then I forgot to turn it off when I went into the office.  Tanya got back from taking Emma to school, walked through the living room….”AAAAUUUGGGHHH!!!!!…apparently after “Sunrise Earth” there was a documentary about snakes…in all their HDTV glory.  Worse, when I came to see what was happening she had her eyes closed and was trying to change channels.  When she opened them and saw me, she screamed again.
  • This morning on the way back from the preachers’ breakfast I was stuck behind a slow semi in the fast lane.  just as he finally moved over to the middle lane, I noticed in the rear-view mirror  that a car about five back was making a weave into the right lane to pass on the right of the semi.  Just as I passed the semi, that car came steaming by and I looked to see if he was changing lanes.  As I did I saw the driver sticking his tongue out at me in derision (why, I don’t know…I guess he though it was me and not the semi holding up traffic).  He put such angst and gusto into it and thought he was really saying something, and that just cracked me up.  I mean really, a grown man sticking his tongue out like that looks too silly to make anyone feel insulted.  Even funnier, he looked like he was wearing the hat from the cartoon of Carol Burnett during the opening/closing sequence. 
  • Emma decided that we needed to play The Quiet Game at supper tonight.  I kept loosing because I couldn’t get Tanya and the snakes on the TV out of my head, and nearly sent sweet and sour chicken through my nose.
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2 Responses to Funny moments the last couple of days

  1. Bill says:

    One question: Is it safe to laugh at your wife in your house?

  2. James says:

    Well, it’s safer than being a snake in my house…slightly.

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