Still keeping warm

We seem to be among the few we know who didn’t lose power.  Driving around town today, it’s clear we barely dodged that bullet.  There are large trees down everywhere, and a power line from the poll in front of our house to our neighbor across the street is barely hanging on.  For us, the problem has been more of being able to come and go.  Busy with more important things, the city hasn’t been by to salt our road in days, and because we’re at the top of a very steep hill, it’s pretty treacherous.  One direction is impassable this evening.  I know, I tried.  To keep the tread on my new tires I had to give up.

This evening the fire department is going door to door to make sure people have heat, or can get to a place that does.  Lots of people are at relatives’ homes and motels and shelters.  The building we rent for the church is also out, so we’re meeting at a community room at a sister’s apartment building tomorrow.

Some things don’t change even in the aftermath of an ice storm.  I still had to avoid Wal-Mart because it looked busy as ever for a Christmas-shopping-Saturday.  People still don’t know how four-way stops work.  

I do wish I could have taken pictures of the icy vista as I drove downhill toward the Hudson (but I was driving, of course, and that’s hard to juggle!).  The Hudson Valley with all the trees covered in ice was quite pretty, and the sky was clear and the sun beginning to set.  I did manage to snap a shot of the homestead this afternoon.  That pine tree to the left isn’t looking too good.  There are branches from the large shade tree all over the back yard.


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