10 Things I’m convinced found their origin in the bowels of Hell

10. School fund raising done by children (seriously, how is this not covered by child labor laws?)

9. The absence of a legitimately viable third party candidate

8. That hairdo that looks like like a rump imprint

7. “Efficient” toilets that require multiple flushes (dealing with such things more than once is just gross)

6. 24 Hour TV news channels (15 minutes a day of real news, 23 hours and 45 minutes of bombastic blabber and glorified gossip)

5. People who let their dogs poop in your yard and don’t scoop their droppings (How would you like it if I start bringing Ellie’s poopy diapers and leaving them in your yard?  There’s no difference and no defense, folks.  Love your neighbor; scoop the poop.)

4. Expensive printed political flyers filling my mailbox this season (Much of the banking crisis could probably be paid for with all the money they spend on this useless junk.)

3. Radio infomercials, especially those on “Christian” radio promoting colon health  (Just. Not. Right.)

2. The tit for tat, ninny-nanny back and forth in politics that has nothing to do with the issues at hand and only widens the divide and disunity of the citizenry to no honorable end.

1. And finally, you knew it was coming…Iced coffee (aka The Devil’s Liquor, or Satan’s Spit)

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3 Responses to 10 Things I’m convinced found their origin in the bowels of Hell

  1. Bill says:

    Wow! I was so convinced that I was going to cheer this list and wholly endorse it…….. until that last entry! 🙂 Well, 90% is still an ‘A’ grade.

  2. James says:

    So you’re still in denial, huh?

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