These are things you don’t say to your wife…

Upon reflection of the past 14 years, I’ve learned much about what to and what not to say.  For example, I learned this January why people say you should wait a few months a year or so before talking about having more children.  Yeah, I thought it would be fun to start talking about having twin boys next year while she was in recovery.  Hey, in my defense, I thought the painkillers might have made it easier to convince her we needed to have another child…um…yeah…they didn’t.  Oops.

Anywho, rather that regale you with nuggets of wisdom picked up along the way, I thought I’d share this youtube in which another man who seems equally challenged shares what he’s picked up along the way.  It’s a great little diddy called “Things You Don’t Say To Your Wife”.  Enjoy.

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