If you’ll buy the gas, I’ll buy the tea!

Well, after having to file an extension the last couple years, I got ’em done on time this year (taxes, that is). I think I finally had the proper motivation:


And with that, I’m ready for a tea party. Granted, when you’re in my income level the burden’s not nearly as bad as it could be (hey, you can’t be taxed on money you didn’t make!), but it did remind me as I looked over our paperwork and old mortgage payments slips how ridiculous the property taxes are in NY. I pay more each month than the mortgage on our first home in TX–and this house is smaller and 90 years older!!! Plus the roads are bad, the City Hall is about to cave into it’s own parking garage, Spitzer (‘nough said), and on and on and on…

So, who’s with me? If you’ll pay for the gas to Boston (or from Troy to the Port of Albany might make more sense, and it’s cheaper), I’ll bring the tea. And we’ll kill two birds with one stone. After we dump the tea in the Hudson, we’ll get a jug to send to Congress. Hudson River tea ought to go well with pork sandwiches, don’t you think?


On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t post about taxes while on a sugar high from the Boston Kreme doughnut, huh?

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One Response to If you’ll buy the gas, I’ll buy the tea!

  1. Bill Moore says:

    All I’ve ever known are NY taxes, the Port of Albany’s security is improved enough to make entry difficult, and gas is getting more expensive as each day passes.

    In the interest of disclosure, as a civil servant I would never think of making any disparaging remarks against my city………

    With all that said, Any day you want a ride to Albany’s Boat Launch to throw in some tea bags, I’m your man!

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