So, what would your answer be?

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2 Responses to So, what would your answer be?

  1. Bill says:

    It’s just a show, but it seems to potray a person desperate for more than pablum…. I like some of the things he says.

  2. Jonathan says:

    What a powerful scene! What show is that from? It demenstrates the power of the guilty conscience. Everyone suffers from guilt but I suspect that guilt hurts more as death draws near. In the end, no religion or philosophy of man can answer the cry of the guilty heart. This is why I believe Christianity is true. It is the only religion that makes grace the central focus of its message. Every human being years for the grace which only God can offer. That is why, no matter how much the atheist cries that this universe came together by chance, Christianity will never fade away. As long as hearts are breakable and as long as consciences are tender, Christianity will always thrive.

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