Long night

Last night was a long one.  We were all winding down after a nice Sunday and Ellie had eaten and was just asleep in her crib.  I heard her spit up and gag and went to check on her and clean her up and she was having trouble breathing, and this went on long enough that we decided to take her to the emergency room (just a 1 1/2 miles from home).  On the way to the car, she gagged and couldn’t breathe at all, so we called 9-1-1 and they responded quickly.   Then she did what all children do (and cars when you take them to the mechanic)…she caught her breathe and was fine.  We still took her in and they monitored her for a couple hours and took a couple x-rays.  All was well, but better safe than sorry.  An emergency room deductible might seem expensive when you don’t need it, but when your child is in danger, it’s a pittance.

As Tanya and Ellie rode in the ambulance to the ER, I followed in the car praying she’d be alright.  This morning my little girl is back to her joyful, diaper destroying self.  Thank you, God.  And thank you to those who worked the Samaritan Hospital ER and EMT shift last night.

Cell phone bill to have the ability to call 9-1-1 when you need it:  $80
ER deductible: $50
Monthly Health Insurance premium:  $$$ (you don’t want to know!)
Having a doctor hand your baby back and say, “She’s going to be fine.”:  Priceless

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2 Responses to Long night

  1. Mike Lewis says:

    Wow. I am glad to hear everything is fine. Scary stuff those kids. Boys, I have found, are even scarier. Jordan just wants to kill himself sometimes. We’re looking into Aflac…our friends with 2 boys say it pays off for the many times they’ve hit the ER.

  2. J D says:

    It is so scary when the little ones struggle with their health. I’m happy for you.

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