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As some of you know, we recently took a trip back to Texas to report to the churches whose generosity, support and prayer God has used to make the church plant in Troy possible (In addition to the church in Albany, NY).  So, I thought this week I’d share links related to our visit. 

One thing that you may or may not know about me is that I like to cook (Tanya says that I really just like to find a way to dirty every possible dish and utensil and utilize every electric gadget in the kitchen….I don’t deny that might be true.).  So here are some links to a couple good sources for Tex-Mex spices I picked up while visiting my hometown of San Angelo, Tx.

  • I actually forgot to grab the bottle of the fajita spices I wanted.  But I did remember the web address and am going to be placing an order mui pronto.  You can find all sorts of cool stuff on their site: Fiesta Spices.  Here are a few I’m thinking of, all very reasonably priced (compared to NY prices, a bargain).
  • I did remember to pick up a bottle of this spice that my mom recommended: Julio’s Seasoning
  • And, while this is more Tex than Mex, I can’t make such a list without including one of the fine products of San Angelo: Talk O’ Texas pickled okra. MmmMmm.
  • Also while there, we found some FDA approved genuine Mexican vanilla.  Back when I was a kid people had to sneak vanilla across the border.  Let me tell you, there is no comparison to the stuff.  And Tanya whipped up a German Chocolate cake and used it in the (from scratch) icing just to take it for a test spin.  Oh my.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a website for that one, and the cake’s gone.  Oops.

Here are a few sites of interest in the towns we visited:

  • In Bonham, TX where I served at the Northside Church of Christ for 6 1/2 years is the Sam Rayburn Library.  Mr. Rayburn was in Congress for over 40 years, and was Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives for 17 1/2.  The car nut in me found it hard not to stop by the museum at his house to see the 1947 Caddilac that his fellow congressmen gave him at the end of his first term as Speaker, but we didn’t have time.  They had just finished restoring it not long before we left Bonham for New York.
  • San Angelo, where I grew up, has become quite an active place for artists & sculptors.  Here is a partial gallery of what you’ll find around town.  You’ll notice there are several statues of sheep.  That’s because San Angelo is the Wool & Mohair Capitol of the World.  We never raised sheep on our ranches there, just cattle (mostly angus and some beef master/angus mixed). 
  • Next time you’re in Abilene check out two things:  The Frontier Texas museum, and the Jacob’s Ladder sculpture at ACU.
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