Happy Trails: Links of the Week

  • Rod Dreher shares his take on the NYTimes Magazine article “The Politics of God” (Dreher is the author of Cruchy Cons).
  • The Christian Chronicle addresses a problem I’ve personally run into in my ministry–prisons and prison chaplains that deny the prisoners their right to baptism. Like the brother mentioned at the beginning of the article, I’ve known the deep frustration of having stacks of dozens of letters from prisoners requesting baptism on my desk, only to be denied access to carry them out. Why? You tell me. The local X Church* ministers were allowed to baptize people who were willing to identify with their denomination, but we were among a group of fellowships that were denied. Ironically, the baptistery they used was provided by one of the Churches of Christ before a change of guard in the chaplaincy brought about a stone wall. The area churches had good relationships and openness with the prior to the changes in chaplain staffing. It seemed to be a personal, territorial issue with these two men, which frankly has no place in such ministries. Thankfully, not all prisons work this way. Elsewhere, I’ve had the privilege of preaching in prison worship services, making visits, etc.
  • The car nut in me loves this NY Times story about an 84 years old gentleman who is still driving his first car, a 1929 Ford Model A with 200,000 miles…and still going. (may require a free login, but it’s worth it; I registered a long time ago and have never received any spam from them)
  • And, our upcoming addition to the family is currently at this stage of development.

* In fairness, I don’t want to incriminate an entire denomination for what may have been a local issue of discrimination.

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