Hemmings Motor News Cruise-In

All summer I’ve been wanting to zip over to Bennington, VT for one of the Hemmings Cruise-Ins but just haven’t had the time. I finally decided that since tonight was the last of the season, I’d better make time or forget it, so we skipped supper and ran to VT (ok, that’s not entirely accurate, we drove). Here are some of the pictures I took. There was a good turn out of classic cars, especially with the threat of rain on the horizon.

Emma had a great time and loved the popcorn truck.

I used to play hide & seek behind my grandparents’ neighbors’ Rambler like this one.

We drove in behind this ol’ steamer…too cool.


Careful, drool isn’t good for the keyboard.

Ralph Nader’s nightmare; another man’s dream. I’ve had a soft spot for Corvairs from childhood. A friend of the family’s late husband used to restore them. He did so in a wheelchair. Amazing work that man could do.

Nice Chrysler.

This Chrysler 300 may have been my personal favorite of the evening.

Tanya really like this Ford.

VW Pickup, a rare site. I saw my first Church Norris karate movie with my dad at the drive-in in a VW window van about the same year model.

This gentleman said his father bought this pickup new. It’s been well cared for. I had a ’74 International Harvester when I was in high school. It was a crew cab with a step-side bed, and was highway dept. yellow. This one’s waaaay better looking.

I’ve also always had a soft spot for GM fastbacks of the 40’s. This one’s a Chevy.

My great-uncle had a Crown Victoria like this. Sure makes the current Crown Vic look drab, doesn’t it?

My three year old, for some unknown reason, giggled every time she looked inside this hearse.

A Studebaker Hawk (another personal favorite)

How times change. The first words out of my daughter’s mouth when she saw the rumble seat: “Hey, there’s no seatbelt for me!”

Hard to believe that MG’s are now made by a Chinese company, and may be assembled one day at a factory they’re planning in Oklahoma City, huh? Think they’ll be able to capture this car’s spirit?

Plymouth was always the Chrysler Co.’s budget brand. Bet you can’t find a current budget-minded car that looks this good.

Hey, I said watch the drool, already!

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