If only every day were like today…

It was one of those rare, almost perfect days.  It started with some really good time alone in Bible study and brainstorming for some classes I’ll be teaching next week.  Every now and then my office is too distracting for study…too many to-do lists, emails and calls vying for attention.  So, I dropped off Tanya and Emma at a play-date and headed to Panera.  Their rush was over and I found a nice secluded booth with a plug for the iBook. 

You never know when you sit down to prepare for classes whether your juices will be flowing or not.  Those times when everything seems to just open up and ideas just come flooding at a rapid pace are just thrilling, and it was one of those mornings.  That’s good, because with all the crazy things going on lately, this was the first time I’d really gotten to sit down and get at it, and I don’t like waiting this late.  I prefer to decide early and let a class, or a sermon “live with me” for a while so I can teach it several times over and again, looking at things from various angles and letting God work on the message a bit…and me a bit.

As I dove in, pretty early on, I got a phone call.  I should tell you, I don’t like it when people yammer away on the cell phones at the coffee shop.  Coffee shops are all about conversations…but with people who are actually there…it bothers me even more when I’m the one talking on the phone.   OK, I won’t digress.  Anywho, I got a phone call, and it was an important one, so I’m glad I broke my own rule this time.  Long story (and three more phone calls) short, a man downstate had been studying long-distance with a man in our city and that man now wanted to be baptized into Christ.  Yeah, that’s a good “I don’t care if I’m in a coffee shop” call.  So we arranged to meet as soon as he got off work and go from there.

Last week I’d found out that The Wizard of Oz was going to be playing at Proctor’s (an 80 year old movie theatre that’s been beautiful restored) and was only showing one day…and get this…was only $3.  Now, when I was a kid it was a big deal to watch TWoO with the family.  I have lots of good memories (the first few times it was on a black & white TV, so I didn’t even realize the sudden color cool factor for a while).  I was deteremined to get my three year old daughter to see it, so after I’d wrapped up all my study, phone calls, errands and such I picked up Tanya and Emma and we headed for Schenectady.  It was a great way to see the movie.  Emma loved it (the flying monkees didn’t phase her a bit), Tanya loved it, I loved it.  It’s a bit like a Bugs Bunny cartoon.  There is far more going on that you pick up on as an adult than as a child.  Because I hadn’t watched it in a couple decades, it was as good as seeing it for the first time–better on that big screen.

We then picked up Delroy, the gentleman that wanted to be baptized.  We had a good visit about how he’d come to Troy, what brought him to the decision to follow Christ, and then went to the church and he was emmersed into Christ and His kingdom. 

After we dropped him off at his home later, I looked at Tanya and said, “Wouldn’t it be nice if every day were that way?”  Emma got to play with her friends, We had a great time as a family at the movie, I got a tremendous amount of some important work done, and we witnessed the rebirth of a new brother in Christ.

On top of all that, it was beautiful day, 72 degrees and sunny.  Not bad, not bad.

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