Update from SIBI about Cline Paden

This message was in my inbox this evening concerning Cline Paden and I wanted to pass the message along:

Dear brethren,

I am sending this email out widely and asking you to forward it to those on your email list, if you feel that it is appropriate.

As many of you know, Cline R. Paden has been very ill in the advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease for quite awhile. Recently he has taken a turn for the worse and has apparently been near death on a couple of occasions. In the last couple of days he has rallied a bit but this may be temporary.

We want to open a channel of communication with as many as possible, since Cline is such a beloved brotherhood figure and since he has influenced so many across the years. Here is what we are asking:

  1. Check our website at www.sibi.cc. You will see a picture of Cline and can click on it to get a current report on his condition.
  2. Send an encouraging email to Cline. You may want to share some story of his influence in your life or just share a scripture, prayer or some comforting message. I will take a stack of emails when I visit Cline and read them to him. This will mean more to him than you can know. Send your emails, addressed to Cline, to tadair @ sibi.cc [remove spaces] or just respond on the website update page.
  3. Share the news of the website update with others and be prepared to forward the notice of Cline’s VICTORY, when that time comes. Selfishly we hope that is a long time coming, but many of the medical signs indicate that it may be near.

Thanks for your interest and concern and your prayers for Cline and the whole Paden family.

In Christ,

Truitt Adair

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