Links of the Week

Just a few this week, it’s been quite hectic…

  • Scot McKnight was interviewed on a Chicago news show. The interview is available here and addresses both Mary’s role in the Gospel, and the emerging church. It’s an interesting interview if you’ve got some time to watch it (about 15 minutes, I think).
  • Matt Chandler has a convicting entry on his blog over a Village Church called “Ned Flanders and Me”.
  • As a church planter, I appreciate this bit of wisdom, in particular point #2.
  • While looking back for the permanent link for the above, I stumbled across this, which reminded me, of course, of the quote by R. Rogers I share earlier this week (and a conversation on evangelism we had at a group Bible study last night).
  • And finally…I love “O Holy Night”, but this may very well be the abomination of desolation.
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