“If you want to kill passion in a ministry…

…call it a program and assign a committee to run it.”
–the late Richard Rogers, SIBI instructor, during his class on Contemporary Religious Thought

Then there is this quote I came across yesterday in Radical Restoration by F. Lagard Smith:
“The more exciting new programs a church plugs into, the more likely it is that there’s a lifeless body being kept alive on artificial life support. We keep thinking that if we just stick a few more tubes into the body, no one will notice that the patient is virtually dead.”

There’s much I’d like to say along these lines, but for now, I’ll just let you wrestle. If your first reaction to either was to object, read them again, pray, and repeat until the “buts” stop coming.

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One Response to “If you want to kill passion in a ministry…

  1. Jim Martin says:


    What a great quote from Richard Rogers! That is so very, very true. That one is a keeper!

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