The imperfect desk

If you’ve never read Dr. Kevin Leman’s The Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are, I’d highly recommend it. Not only will you learn much about yourself, but about your family, spouse, co-workers, etc. I found it fascinating enough when I read it a while back that I’m thinking of reading it again once I finish the book I’m currently reading (The Last Word by N.T. Wright). One of the things he addresses is that firstborns (like me) generally tend to be perfectionists. I may deny it, but my wife says it’s true. However, I always offered the times my desk looks as it does in the picture below (its current state, by the way) as proof I can’t possibly be a perfectionist. Well, Dr. Leman’s met my type before and doesn’t let me off the hook so easily. No, he says I’m a “frustrated perfectionist”. I look at this desk, and believe it is so far from perfection as to be a lost cause and walk away.


He’s right, you know. I do exactly that. I leave my office and go up to this desk in the bedroom because the messy one gives me a sense of frustration beyond belief.


Then, I’ll suddenly be fed up and, like Jesus flipping tables in the Temple courts, I’ll take the “shock and awe” approach to the messy desk and have it all back in orderly perfection.

Now if only I could keep it from ever becoming so messy in the first place…

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2 Responses to The imperfect desk

  1. Bill says:

    “frustrated perfectionist”.. I always wanted a tag that described my aberrant behavior. Maybe i’ll even read the book! 🙂 Bill

    BTW, I think the first picture looked neat. The second look like a “Home & Gardens” fantasy! 🙂

  2. MommyHAM says:

    LOL….I’ve not read the book, but have known the gist of it for years. I’m also an oldest. Also a perfectionist without the “frustration” in a great many areas in my life. Very much a “frustrated perfectionist” when it comes to housecleaning and personal finances though – two of the things that get tweaked beyond my liking by other people!

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