OK, this question is coming from the fact I’m the father of a two year old.  Does it not bother anyone else that this kid on Higglytown Heroes walks around with a squirrel sittin’ on his head?  I’d hate to think what’s in that kid’s do by the end of the day, and fleas wouldn’t be my main concern, if you know what I mean.

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4 Responses to Hmm…


  2. Amanda says:

    Just stick with the Doodley dops whatever they are called…they don’t have squirrels on their head. They might have other issues, but no squirrels.

  3. James says:

    Oh, no. Starting at the end of the driveway and going all the way back to the cliff off the back yard is a Doodlebop Free Zone. I’d sooner become Amish as watch that show.

    By the way, Amanda, I’ve got all the episodes of 30 Days on the Tivo.

  4. MommyHAM says:

    Honestly, I never really thought about it.

    Maybe it’s the PETA friendly version of a Davy Crockett hat? Except it’s a squirrel, but nevertheless showing that kids like to have furry things upon their heads and they can do so without killing….I know, Disney is infiltrating the minds of our children with their social biases! (Oh wait, that’s been claimed before) 😉

    I like Dora and Diego personally….as the parent of a 5 and 3 y/o.

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