Links of the Week

  • Rod Dreher talks about the possible impact of Mel Gibson’s over-imbibery.
  • Constantly late? Jim Martin’s got some sage advice in his Tip of the Week over at A Place for the God Hungry.
  • Clifton Healy at This is Life! shares a salient view of iced coffee (iced coffee belongs in the abyss next to flip-flops, plumber’s bum, and cell phones in theaters).
  • I hate doing dishes, but I do like to cook and especially like to try new things. While looking for some grilling info I recently came across a great website called Cooking for Engineers. I can’t speak for the cake and stuff, but the grilling rubs for pork chops and a few other meat related ideas were gooood.
  • And finally, have a laugh at this video.
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3 Responses to Links of the Week

  1. mommyham says:

    Iced coffee is ok so long as it’s frozen coffee and not frozen water cubes cooling it…I make it at home all the time, yum!

    That video is Fuuuuunnny.

  2. Bill says:

    I wanted to comment while on vacation, so here I go! 🙂

    * Well, another confirmation that the Hollywood community is suseptable to all the same faults so much of the world endures.

    * Iced coffee? I drink it. I must be enjoying my feminine side! 🙂

    * I anticipate my return home to spend soem time with the new recipes. Thanks for the site!

    * Cute video. I mut be old, I seem to remember most of that routine being done on Benny Hill. Maybe my memory is just playing tricks. It was fun to watch, thanks!

  3. I used a recipe from the Cooking for Engineers for Chicken yesterday evening. Good stuff. I like that site.

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