Things that make you go hmmm.

You know those odd questions that hit you funny like whether or not Adam had a belly button or why is there brail writing on drive-up ATMs?  I’ve got another that just struck me:  Why do the 7th Day Adventists broadcast their worship/Bible study TV programs on Sunday?

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3 Responses to Things that make you go hmmm.

  1. MommyHAM says:

    Good one! Hadn’t thought about that….

    My 5 y/o daughter, who is VERY into princesses right now, asked me the other day why there were no queens in Heaven. All I could get my limited head around was the Trinity and the masculinity implied in Scripture. Asked our preacher, and he had the same response. Said something about it to a friend from church, and she said, “Well, that’s when you tell her there ARE queens in Heaven – Esther was a queen, and I’m sure there are queens who were Christians in the past 2000 years.” Duh….

  2. Hey, As a young man studying to be a youth pastor that advice is really good. I will definitly implement it in my daily life, walk with God and speaking techniques. Thanks for sharing that.


  3. Oh just so you know this was supposed to be a comment for a different post of yours haha.

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