OK, so Monday I shared some things that drive me batty, so here is a list of things that have lifted my gaze beyond those ridiculous frustrations…

1. My wife and daughter. I couldn’t be more blessed.

2. “Who Am I?” and “Your Grace Still Amazes Me” on Zoe Worship’s Desperate CD.

3. Having someone I had doubts about prove me wrong and completely change my impressions for the better.

4. Prayer. I don’t mean that as a “pat answer” on the list, it’s true. There are times when the only path to peace is to fall on those knees and give it all up to the One who can help more than all others.

5. Time out in nature. What is it about the sound of the breeze in the trees and a river or brook?

6. Laughing with friends. You know I likes a good laugh!

7. The Cheesecake Factory is opening up shop here in September. Mmmmm, cheesecake.

8. Romans chapter 8…the whole thing.

9. Teaching. It has a way of reminding the teacher of what’s truly important, and is a generally humbling process. There is also a great joy in seeing people eagerly soak up the story of God’s grace.

10. Camp/Retreats. Two highlights of the year are Camp Hunt and the Men’s Retreat. Both are times to recharge, serve, reconnect with brothers and sisters from other parts of the NE and enjoy fellowship and worship together. I had a good week (minus the illness at the beginning) teaching at camp last week. The campers seemed a cut above and made teaching a joy. The Men’s Retreat isn’t until September…I’m ready now.

11. I’m also encouraged by the increased talks between the ICC/CoC and the Churches of Christ. There are still some important issues of disagreement, but at least we’re talking about them, and not ignoring one another’s very existence, as was too long the case.

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