Try to find it…

I watched the EU Summit press conference today on CNN, and in the media to follow, no one — NO one — I've read since bothered to include Chancellor Schussel's comments that follow in the reporting on President Bush and Schussel's responses to the questions concerning Guantanamo (that was the context). Interesting. I had to go searching for a transcript to find it at all. Telling.

CHANCELLOR SCHÜSSEL: Let me add — let me add something. I think Austria is really a good example to show that America has something to do with freedom, democracy, prosperity, development. Don't forget I was born in '45. At that time, Vienna and half of Austria laid in ruins. And without the participation of America, what fate would have Europe? Where would be Europe today? Not the peaceful, prosperous Europe like we love it and where we live.

Nothing — I will never forget that America fed us with food, with economic support. The Marshall Plan was an immense aid and incentive to develop industry, agriculture, tourism. And by the way, I said it to the President, the Marshall Fund is still working in Austria. It's now transformed into a kind — in a fund for research and development — still working.

The American people, at that time, the American government invested billions of dollars in Europe to develop the former enemy. And now we are a partner. So I think it's grotesque to say that America is a threat to the peace in the world compared with North Korea, Iran, other countries.

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  1. Another:

    Try to find press coverage of the WMD’s they just found in Iraq.

    All the lefties are trying to say that those are ’91 WMD’s and they’re not the ones we went to Iraq in 2003 for. Huh? A WMD is a WMD.

    It’s like saying I want a cheeseburger and you buying me a cheeseburger from McD’s and I say, no I wanted one from BK. It’s still a cheeseburger.

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