Update on Wayne

Please continue to keep my brother-in-law, Wayne Miller, in your prayers. 

Pray, too, for his wife, Mary Jane, and his four young sons. 
He's still ICU and his condition has been touch and go the past couple days…enough so we made the trip to Texas (Wednesday was a rough enough day the doctor had Tanya's parents call in all the family, and this morning was another roller coaster).  He's now on dialysis to help remove the fluids that are building up and causing complications (they've removed several litres so far).  

Thank you, too, to those who were praying for our safe travel.  We made it in 36 hours, with only a 4 hour stay in Arkansas for a nap and shower.  Emma did fantastically well, no complaining, no trantrums…quite a feat for a 2 year old in a Windstar for two nights and a day.

Just please keep praying.  Those wonderful boys need their daddy.   

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