Hank Hill and the Megachurch

Well, as usual, King of the Hill is a reflection of life more akin to a documentary than an animated sitcom. Last night's episode had Hank & Peggy Hill lose "their seats" at church, and they got so upset they went church shopping. As a minister, I can tell you that's not as farfetched as it sounds, or as it should be. We humans can be very petty sometimes.

That, however, is not the good part. I've got a blog post still marinating about the concept of "trading up" to the latest "flash-bang" church fad, but first I want to share Hank's first impression of the megachurch:

Peggy: Maybe, we should try the new megachurch.

Hank: I don't wanna change churches. Besides, that place is too big. What's it got–5,000 some-odd members?

Peggy: Yes! And it pampers all of them. They've got their very own coffee shop, florist, mini-mart, bank, and a dry cleaner that accepts all competitors' coupons.

Hank: If I wanted to go that route, I could just walk around the mall and think about Jesus.

Good observation, Hank.

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5 Responses to Hank Hill and the Megachurch

  1. Bill says:

    I see, I see, I see, I see a seesaw.

    – You wouldn’t be lumping all megachurches in to the same derogatory description that ‘Hank’ used, are you?
    {If so, I think we had that discussion already… :-)}


  2. James says:

    Nope. I’d agree, however, that some are like the one on King of the Hill, coddling and cuddling and providing a product. Think Olsteen, for example.

  3. Bill says:

    Well, I am comforted and I would rather not think about ‘Olsteen’. We have examples much closer, though they are not megachurches.

    Which brings me to my last comment. I wait with barely controlled patience for your commments on “trading up” and “flash-bang” church fad. 🙂


  4. Great observations, Hank!

    I think it could be applied to more than just mega-churches, but to anyone who thinly veils a ‘worship of me’ mentality.

    Our church here is going through a cycle of people leaving over a couple of issues when they should be committing to their brothers and sisters. Instead, they got mad and left. We weren’t doing things ‘their way’.

  5. James says:

    I think it could be applied to more than just mega-churches, but to anyone who thinly veils a ‘worship of me’ mentality.

    Boy, isn’t that the truth?!–>

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