Cold in Russia tonight

As I scanned the CNN headlines, I noticed a story on the deaths caused by record cold in Russia. Ten years ago next week (at this time of night, I might add) my wife and I were riding the Metro (subway) through Moscow to our hotel. It was cold then, but not like it will be tonight in Moscow. After reading the CNN story I checked the temperature for Perm, Russia where we used to live. It’s nearly noon Sunday there as I write this, and it’s only up to -24. I remember those days. After about -10 I always got concerned. Down to that point, I could still sense temperature drops. But after -10 I couldn’t tell. -25 felt the same -10, and that’s dangerous…deady, even.

So, tonight as we in New York are experiencing an unusually warm January I will stop to say a prayer for our brothers and sisters across the sea.

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