Comfort Food

Taco Tuesday at Rosa'sLast week we were in Texas visiting family and celebrating Christmas a bit later than most. One of the high priorities whenever we head southwest is always Tex-Mex for lunch. We didn’t get to hit my favorite place, since my mom was in Florida and we didn’t go to San Angelo, but we did hit my second fav, Rosa’s Tortilla Factory. I’ve been going to Rosa’s since it was just a little hole in the wall place next to Payless Shoes in San Angelo. Now they have nice big restaurants all over West Texas (Hey! Rosa’s! Want to corner the market in a new locale? Come on up!) and we frequent the one on Judge Ely in Abilene when we are there.

I have many great memories at Rosa’s. It was a favorite supper spot for our family, and an every Wednesday night hangout for our youth group (Student Special: beans, cheese, fresh tortillas and a small Coke for $2.23).

Inflation hasn’t hit Rosa’s as hard as it has NY (where what passes for a cheese enchilada is $9). I had the plate above for $2.99–it was “Taco Tuesday.” It was also nearly 70 degrees and sitting out on the porch was a nice bonus (even moreso looking back, we came home to 6″ of fresh snow to shovel from the drive).

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