Happy Snowy New Years!

As we enjoyed the company of good friends at Will Spina’s last night in Malta, NY, the snow was falling. I think we got about 3 1/2″. The drive home was…interesting. The interstate was surprisingly crowded…and unplowed. I’m not sure of the ‘wisdom’ behind not keeping the roads well plowed and salted during what can be the most dangerous driving time of the year even on good roads.

Anywho, today the fresh covering of snow brought quite a beautiful beginning to the new year. We were meeting a few friends from the Albany congregation for lunch at Cracker Barrel, which mushroomed into over 20 people…the more the merrier! I just wish we’d all gotten seated together, or at least in the same area. It was still a very good time. The Christian family is such a blessing.

Emma stayed up to ring in the new year, too. Oy, she gets cranky after 10. But, like her father, she doesn’t like to miss out on the goings-on and refused to sleep. She’s been surprisingly perky today considering. She’s a pip.

Worship today was very uplifting to me personally today. It’s just been a good day all around, and a nice start to a new year.

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