Merry Christmas

As I left the grocery store this morning with Emma in my arms, I overheard a customer telling the cashier, “Merry Christmas.” She retorted, “You can’t say that. I’m Jewish………..(awkward pause)…………No, I’m just kidding, Merry Christmas.” They both laughed and he left. That got me thinking about all the hullaballoo this year over the “War on Christmas.” The truth is, the vast majority of Americans are like these two people. The fuss is a joke, and they both wish each other well, whether they celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, or nothing at all.

The loudmouths at the extremes, well, they’ve mistaken America for Burger King where you’re supposed to “always get it your way.” That really is the problem isn’t it? Selfishness? Those who don’t want people greeting them are being selfish. Those who think that everyone else should celebrate the season as they do, well…they are being selfish, too. Neither attitude fits the season….or Judeo-Christian principles and faith.

Instead of worrying about what greeting you get, look at what you’re giving. A warm smile on a cold day, a warm hand extended, a gift of help to the needy, a word of grace among the cheap sounds of grumpy last minute shoppers, a quick joke to show that we’re not all really so oversensitive and caught up in ourselves. These are the only real holiday greetings that matter.

God bless. Merry Christmas. Happy Hannukah. Happy Festivus.

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