Good morning.

It’s a good morning. A few days ago we were at the grocery store, and what did I find? Well, just the other day I was telling a friend about how my grandfather used to live in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas surrounded by neighboring orange groves, grapefruit farms, and sugar cane fields, and how much I missed the fresh fruit my grandfather would bring us when he visited. So back to what I found. We were making one of those runs through the store to pick up items for yet another get-together over the weekend (I can’t even remember which one, there were five) and there in the middle of the produce section was a stand of Texas Red Grapefruit! They were even from the same town–Edinburg.

This morning Emma and I sat down she had her first grapefruit. She loved it. I loved it, and enjoyed how I was transported back in time and place by it. It’s interesting how things like taste and smell can trigger memory. I remember hating…no H-A-T-I-N-G grapefruit until my grandfather convinced me to try the ones grown in the Rio Grande Valley. There really is a difference, they are sweeter and don’t have that awful bite that most you get at the produce store have. Just wonderful. And they make a great excuse to sit and share a few moments with your nearly 2 daughter as she experiences one of the small gifts of the earth and God.

It’s a good morning.

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2 Responses to Good morning.

  1. James, you never answered me email. But, anyway, I tried looking for those grapefruits because reading your blog entry made me crave them, but all the ones I found were from Florida, not Texas. Will there really be a big difference in taste? And will it say Texas on the grapefruit or on the sign above them?

  2. James says:

    Florida are good, too. If that’s all you can find, get a red variety, they are sweeter. Avoid the California ones altogether (personal opinion), they are the overly sour ones. If you can find them from Texas, they’ll usually be Ruby Reds, and those are good and sweet. These are the Rio Star variety, and are also red and very good.

    The ones I bought were labeled as being from Texas.

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