From the photo album…

Emma had such a good time with her grandparents (my mom pictured).

She loves birds and just ran right up to these at the Abilene Zoo.

Emma got up close and personal with the giraffe as well.

I can’t count the times I’ve driven the highway from San Angelo to Abilene through Bronte, Tx. There was a surprise this time. Florida Power and Light is erecting 300(!) of these windpowered generators up. Lot’s of people are upset because of the view, but I have to say, it beats looking at a traditional power plant, and to me, the real eye-sore is the traditional light/phone pole in the foreground.

These things are huge. Each blade is longer than a typical semi, and the generator up with the blades is the size of an RV. And they are nearly completely silent. Very cool.

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