Random pictures….

Here are a few rather random pictures from my phone I thought I’d share.

Here’s Emma at the store. Note the cookie in her hand. You know you’re officially a parent when you take food to the store for your child.

This the last hole of a course Kevin and I played a couple weeks ago. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It was just absolutely perfect. 70’s, sunny, light breeze, good game…to fun.

This is the Saratoga Battlefield. I spent the afternoon & evening with Will Spina (evangelist at Clifton Park, NY) and Ed Wharton (instructor at SIBI, author) earlier this month. We toured the battlefield and Saratoga Springs. It was good to get to the spend the day together. Our day was pretty much walking history tour/Bible study. Of course, we wrapped it up with Thai food and returned to Clifton Park for the meeting Ed was preaching. It was an excellent meeting centered on the important of the Resurrection and the 2nd Coming.

Here’s our little computer whiz. She loves to put her hands on the keyboard and just wiggle her fingers like crazy. I don’t know where she gets it.

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