Paint, paint, and more paint…

It’s painting week. After the closing we were so relieved to be done with paperwork and all that jazz. Now for the real work–painting. I’ve painted three rooms so far, with the stairway, hallway and two bedrooms to go. That’s right at 40% done. Is it a bad thing (healthwise, I mean) that I don’t really smell the paint anymore while I’m working, but whenever I’m not at the house, no matter where I am or how many showers I’ve taken I do smell paint? Things that make you go hmm.

I now know WAY to many color shades and names. I need to go fishing and skeet shooting soon to reset. The living room is Pale Sunshine (or in guy terms white, as oppossed to some other white). The dining room is Rain Lily (sounds like a race horse at Saratoga…it’s a shade of yellow). My study is Ink Blot (a dark, but not too dark, blue). I think we decided yesterday on a color called Simply Elegant (a calm, relaxing, light shade of blue…at least that’s what the cards say) for our bedroom and Lavendar Haze for our daughter’s. See what I mean? It scares me that I can remember these names. But frankly, it would be worse if I had to paint a whole house and still be stuck with white or beige. Yuck. God created a world full of color, why shut it all outside?

A recommendation I receive no advertising dollars for (too bad): if you don’t like dealing with paint cans, go to WalMart and buy Dutch Boy. They have this great new container that is so much better than the old cans, and it won’t cost you anymore than paint at say, Lowe’s. Very cool.

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