Good Sabbath

Four couples from the Troy CoC went to Thompson’s Lake State Park. It was a beautiful weekend to camp and relax and we had a great time. We didn’t go for hikes and whatnot as much as we thought we would, it was more of a Sabbath rest type retreat. Perhaps that’s what we needed more, and it was a blessing.

I did get some casting in on the lake. Note I did not say I got to fish. We were not convinced there is any life beyond weeds in that lake. No matter. We were treated to quite a sideshow as a rowboat came to shore with way too many people in it. One of the guys was straight from the old SNL skit….Da Bears. He looked and sounded just like those guys…hat, mustache, accent, sunglasses…all of it.

We all had a good time. Emma loves being outdoors, so she had a ball. Tanya found out camping’s so bad after all (of course, we had a propane stove…Hank Hill would be proud…and air mattresses and a tent as big as our bedroom at home, so it wasn’t exactly ‘roughing it’).

Packing up Sunday morning was even pleasant (I usually hate packing). I got up early and cooked bacon and eggs (why are they always so much better cooked outside?), folded up the tent and we headed home for the showers…hey, nobody, NOBODY at worship that morning would have wanted us to go straight from the state park to church.

Good weather, good friends, good food (Tammy brought a small grocery store!), good conversations…it was all good (James 1:17).

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