I found it!

Oh praise the Lord,
All ye people,
Praise Him all ye people,
Praise Him all ye people,
For His wonderful kindness
Is great toward us,
Is great toward us…

I’m in the middle of clearing out what was supposed to be my office when we move into this apartment. Instead, it was commandeered as a storage room. No more, I’ve rented a storage unit and am staking out my territory! But alas, this is not the reason for my praise above, no something better has happened.

For over a year and half I’ve searched, scoured, and forded through boxes, stacks, etc. to find a CD. On that CD is every file, photo, document, letter and PowerPoint file from my nearly six years of ministry in Bonham, TX. I’d made three, one became defective, two went AWOL in the move. But today, at the bottom of one of those “nonsense boxes” (if you’ve moved much, you know what I mean) I found a non-descript white paper CD sleeve. I turned it over, and there it was “Backup of Office Computer”.

Woohoo! Now I can go through and see that probably 95% will never be fully relevant to my ministry again…but that 5% just might be really good. It’s a good day.

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3 Responses to I found it!

  1. Maybe the Santa/Space Shuttle Powerpoint will be on it.

  2. Clarissa says:

    And the truth of the Lord endureth forever! (even if your CDs don’t!)

  3. James says:

    Mike, I’m still looking, no luck yet.

    Clarissa, Amen.–>

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