Family Weekend

What a great weekend! For the third year in a row, we enjoyed the Family Weekend at Camp Hunt. The camp is in the middle of a beautiful farming area of NY, between Hamilton and Hubbardsville.

Emma always loves being outdoors, so she really loved the weekend at camp. In fact, I think it’s going to be hard for her to readjust to apartment life this week. She had a ball. Tanya did, too. She just loves roughing it! HA! I’m still trying to talk her into coming out and staying the full week I teach at Camp Hunt this July. Wish me luck.

The weather, the fellowship, the singing, the messages were all just wonderful. So were the garlic wings we had during the traditional run down to the pizza pub Friday night. It’s always great, and if you should ever find yourself in the middle of New York on Memorial Day weekend, you gotta drop in.

The theme was hope for the Northeast churches, and was both challenging and uplifting. I may write a separate post later hitting some of the key points. The topics were: “Hope in Lessons from the Past” by Roy Terry, “Hope in Change” by Kerry Morris, “Hope in a Glorious Expectation” by Rob Shaver, and “Hope in Young Families” by me. Rob said at lunch yesterday that you know it’s a good series when the speakers are done and you’re still wanting to hear more.

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