Good to be back!

It is good to be back in the swing of things! Since Saturday I’ve been dealing with a severe ear infection. Sunday night after our congregational meeting I had to go to the ER. I went in at 9:00 and got out at nearly 2:00 Monday morning. The pain was so severe it had caused a serious spike in my blood pressure (180+/115), so much of that time was waiting for my heart to settle down. I had my first EKG and my first chest x-rays (nothing to worry about there). In fact, this is the first time I’ve been on that side of the bed-rail since I was nine and broke my arm after being thrown off a horse (I guess 24 years isn’t bad, huh?). The pain was so intense they put me on some serious pain killers and confined me to bed for 2 1/2 days. I couldn’t eat from Sunday lunch to Wednesday evening. I was seriously sick, and most of it was from the side effects of the pain meds.

It’s good to feel better and be out and around. Last night it was real good to get to teach the Bible study again. And you know, as much as I gripe about the cost of insurance, it was awful nice to walk away with a receipt for just $50, too.

I think what surprised me is how calm I was. It surprised the doctor and nurses, too. They were very concerned about my heart rate/pressure. I was, too, but I also knew the worst I could do is get worked up…how would that help? I can’t really take the credit, though. There is just a calm assurance that kicks in in times like that, and it comes from the peace we have in God. When you know you’re being taken care of, what is worry for? I knew the staff was doing there best, and more importantly I was in contact with the Great Physician all along. I can’t really take credit for that realization, either. It’s something I’ve learned from my more typical side of the hospital bed-rail as I’ve visited people in the hospital who were there for more serious reasons, and who exhibited faith and assurance and peace as they faced their crises.

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2 Responses to Good to be back!

  1. I just sent you an email asking if you were better. I’m glad you are. Praise God!

  2. Boy!

    Glad you’re doing ok.

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