Be careful what you pray for.

I’ve a confession to make. I don’t often pray for patience. It’s a dangerous prayer because there really is only one way to get it, and it isn’t easy. I prayed for patience recently. If you read my previous post, you know the circumstances are already occurring that make a person learn patience. There have been others. Wednesday I kept Emma while Tanya subbed for a preschool teacher and Emma was in one of those funks–a morning full of tears, diapers from Chernobyl, and tantrum after tantrum (she was fighting sleep). Tanya’s minivan’s power steering went out, and it is undrivable until it’s repaired this weekend. We’ve been barraged by fax machines calling the wrong number (nothing like that awful squeal in your ear). Then today we went out to my car and the door had a huge dent. No card, note, insurance info–nothing. The Geico folks said that’s becoming the norm. People are fleeing responsibility (there’s another blog right there).

All that was just a brief sampling.

As I said, I don’t often pray for patience because I know it’s a dangerous prayer. However, how much more dangerous would it be to face things like this (or much, much worse; I admit these are all tame compared with what many folks dealt with in the same number of days) without the patience God can provide by His Spirit? I can tell you, He’s already answering my prayer. As these events have come, I find myself getting more, not less patient and calm about them. “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” Those are the words of a “recovering impatient”, the apostle Peter, and words of comfort when you’re learning patience.

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2 Responses to Be careful what you pray for.

  1. Oh yeah that one and ‘search me of God and know my heart’….’break me’, ‘humble me’, ‘show me how to love’…all hard and guaranteed answered prayers!!

  2. Talk about it!

    My brother had a recent bout with someone fleeing responsibility.

    You can read about his car being totalled…it’s a good thing he wasn’t hurt…at

    Everything turned out good, but what a pain to deal with!

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