Sweet & Sour

I really enjoy good sweet & sour chicken…and pork…oooo, and especially shrimp. Don’t worry, I couldn’t think of a clever way to say “Life is like Chinese take-out” or anything. But my weekend was sweet and sour.

First the sour (so that I can end on a sweet note): This weekend the churches in the area had a couple of big area-wide events. That wasn’t the problem, I like that, though I don’t think it’s ever wise to cram an entire month’s worth of activities into one weekend. The problem was communication. Twice…not once…twice! I had to drive to Albany (20 min. SW), once for a banquet and once to pick up friends to stay the night. This was all after spending the greater part of the day (that was part of the sweet, so details later) in Clifton Park, NY (25 min. N). I rushed home from C.P. and changed to nicer clothes, picked up Tanya and Emma, and rushed to Albany for the banquet. We got there five minutes early (which is late for us). Hmmm. Seems awful empty for banquet. I called a good friend and found out it had been cancelled at the last minute. No phone call (we’ve got three phones…none rang). No email.

Well, now we’re 20 minutes from home, we have to be back in a couple of hours to pick up friends, and now we have to figure out alternate dinner plans…Emma, lucky thing, is asleep in the back seat. Yada, yada, yada, we got dinner and came back in a couple of hours, only to find out they weren’t coming that night. Housing had given us no phone call. No email.

Needless to say, I felt like turning 80, putting on my plaid, polyester golf pants, pulling out my false teeth and sittin’ on the porch, reviewing endlessly how the world is going to pot…if only they’d ask you and me, we’d fix it fast, right?

Good communication is much harder than it looks.

Now for the sweet: This weekend was still great, overall. I went to Clifton Park for a church singing workshop. While I only learned a couple of new songs, it was really good to get together and sing and encourage each other. It was good to see some folks from other parts of the state that we usually only get to visit with at the men’s retreat in the fall.

Even though I was pretty, well, to be honest, angry about all the inconsiderate lack of information, Tanya and I had a great time at dinner, and topped of the night with a good Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate. We had alot of laughs in the midst of our frustration, and Emma got a much-needed nap.

Sunday was a good day with the church family. We had lunch at Panera Bread with Kevin & Julia, then went to Albany to hear the OVC Chorus sing. That was uplifting, and we had a (much too short) visit with our friends, Spencer and Debbie Sealy, who were a couple of our first members at Troy (they’ve since moved to WV to work at OVC).

Sunday night we met some folks from Troy and Albany, and the minister from Utica, Rob Shaver, for supper. We had a blast. We laughed, sang old country songs (don’t ask), and had a great time. It was funny. We ate at an Irish restaurant (Beff’s), so we were the only table that was alcohol free (not an Irish stereotype…we really were!). Yet, we were the ones laughing, telling stories, and even the only table singing…who says Christians can’t have as much (or more) fun???

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