A Word to the Wise

Just because you’re sending out mass emailing “in the name of Jesus” doesn’t mean it isn’t spam, or isn’t annoying. In fact, to many (myself included) being spammed by “Christian” sites and involuntarily subscribed to email discussion groups is adding insult to injury.

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3 Responses to A Word to the Wise

  1. Sending forwards that are supposed to make me feel guilty if I, too, don’t forward them are a bit ridiculous too.

    “If you hate Jesus, then hit delete…” “It’s funny how we have the time to pass along the jokes to our friends, but not Jesus…”

  2. I think we get a call about once a month from Nest Family who make those animated Bible videos…we already have them!!! Quit calling to tell us about these “new and exciting” videos that we’ve had for years!!!

    I know they’re a Christian company, but, come on! I’m going to be mean to you because you keep calling us! Take us off your list when we say, “We already have them.”

  3. James says:

    Yeah, nothing gets deleted faster by my than those emotionally manipulative emails!–>

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