I’m Embarrassed.

Is there an AA for reality TV? We watch the Amazing Race, Super-Nanny & Wife Swap. Yeah, that’s right, we watch Wife Swap. If you haven’t seen it I know what you may be thinking. The title and the first promo’s sounded awful. I’ve been pleasantly surprised most episodes. First of all, the title is all wrong; it should be MOM Swap, because that’s actually the gist of the show. Secondly, the show is great because every family they’ve had is somewhat out of balance, and they usually come away better for the experience.

Because this is sweeps/ratings month, they added extra ‘drama’. They had a liberal, Arizonan, lesbian couple (never before on the show) switch with a conservative Republican, Texan, biracial, Christian couple. For the record, those are their descriptors, not mine. It seemed like a match doomed from the start, and irresponsible on the part of the show’s producers. It’s one thing to mix up fun people with boring Stoics–quite another to start messing with people on deep moral issues that shouldn’t be exploited for entertainment.

It was truly heartbreaking. I won’t go into the whole episode, but I do want to address the ending. I had this ominous feeling from the beginning that the Christians would be portrayed negatively. I’ve got to say, though, that the editors are not at fault. The Christians looked bad because what they did was wrong. In the end, when both families sat down together to share what they’ve reaped from the experience, the ‘christian’ lady launched into berating the lesbian couple saying they were strange, depraved, weird and, of all things, child predators. She yelled and pointed with self-righteous vigor. It was the worst way to try to reach someone, and not at all like Jesus in the Gospels.

Now, I believe scripture says homosexuality is sinful. However, I don’t believe the way to approach people with the Gospel (which the last time I checked meant GOOD NEWS) is to bear false witness (a sin, too) and accuse them of a crime they didn’t commit. If they had been a straight couple, would she have accused the wife of chasing her sons? Why not?

Tanya and I were really saddened. Not only are the two ladies living a life without God, but now they will probably reject even the most compassionate offer of His grace because of the way this ‘christian’ blew her cool. Which brings me to this: Jesus was able to convict people of their faults without berating, belittling, or stripping people of their dignity. Why can’t we? Why can’t we offer ‘living water’ instead of Christian sulfuric acid? Why can’t we lift up Christ instead of our discomfort? Why can’t we drop our Pharisaic stones in the dust and just let Jesus teach?

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