U.N. Clears Sudan of Genocide in Darfur

These UN people sit on their fists and do nothing, then lean back on their thumbs and do less. I urge you, as I have done, to write your representatives, senators and the president and ask them to continue to put pressure on the world community to step up to the plate. I did so, back during the election. I received letters back from my representative in Congress (a democrat) and from both the White House and the State Department. I received absolutely nothing back from Senator Clinton, Senator Shumer or then candidate Senator Kerry. Perhaps those who represent you in your state will be less indifferent to the plight of the Sudanese people. I’ve said it before–it really smacks of racism and economic bigotry to me that no one ever wants to act when the problems are in Africa. Remember Rwanda? It’s happening all over again.

While they debated whether or not genocide was happening the total killed went from 50,000 to over 70,000. Inaction kills.

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