The New Mac Mini

For those who don’t already know, I’m a Mac user. I really like OSX (using 10.3 Panther) and MS Office is actually better on the Mac than on XP (why is that, anyway?). Anywho…I’ve been hoping to replace our desktop (a Windows dinosaur I bought in 2/98). I don’t want a new monitor, so I don’t need an eMac or iMac. I can’t afford the super cool G5. What was I to do?

Enter the new MiniMac. I hate the big noisy boxes that pass for desktops (if you have to buy a bigger desk, it’s not a ‘desktop’, it’s a filing cabinet with no drawers). This new Mac is basically like a laptop without the screen or keyboard. It would actually take up less desk space than my iBook or my external cd-burner. That’s very cool; and at $499 it’s not even all that bad.

I just might have to cut back on the good coffee and start saving my change. I wonder what junk I can sell on eBay? Anyone need some gently used Christmas ornaments? 🙂

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One Response to The New Mac Mini

  1. My brother bought a new G5…lucky!

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