You know all those people who evidently buy from the phone sales folks thereby insuring those of us who don’t will be interrupted even more? I’m onto another scam they’re enabling–homemade food from restaurants. I just saw an Olive Garden commercial that said, “Try our new Italian sausage stuffed shells with our homemade alfredo sauce.” Homemade? Really? Are you buying that Olive Garden has elderly Italian women make their alfredo sauce in the wee hours of the morning, delivering it to O.G. so we can have “homemade” sauce?

It’s almost as bad as the New York Brand Garlic Bread that said “Try Our Original Texas Toast”. Huh? I’m about to give up on truth in advertising all together. Truth and advertising seem to be mutually exclusive these days.

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2 Responses to Homemade?

  1. CL says:


    It is so hilarious that you bring this up, even ironic.

    1 – I agree, isn’t funny what lengths and word usage that they go through to make you think that something is actually better or more special, so that you will try it. Oh man, marketing…

    2 – In the same vain, I just had Olive Garden’s new “homemade” stuffed shells with sausage, whoa, is it good. See the ad was true and it worked.

    God bless you brother!

  2. James says:

    And the truth is, I only noticed because I was already interested and thinking I’d have to try it sometime. 🙂

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