Are we looking at the same church?

I was talking to a friend earlier today and he said, “You’re really sounding more West Texan today.” I hadn’t notice until then, but he was right. You know how Ricky Ricardo would let loose with the Spanish when he was upset? Well, apparently I let loose with the drawl.

It started this afternoon in a church of Christ discussion forum. One of the posters was off on a tirade about all his perceptions (though he would never have called them that) of people in the church. He’s decided, from what I can tell, that he is the last righteous, faithful man left. I have to say, I find it a little odd that whenever someone gets proud enough (and I think we’ve probably all had this unfortunate attitude at one time or another) to think they’re the last faithful person, they immediately start accusing others of being self-righteous…see the hypocrisy?

What really got my “texan” up was that he truly seems to think there are no sincere people left in the body of Christ. Praise the Lord he’s wrong. I wouldn’t bore you with a list of hundreds of people I’ve known that are loving, sincere Christians. I have had in my short life the tremendous blessing of knowing so many gracious, kind, and caring people in the church that I really wonder, are we looking at the same church?

That brings me to some other questions:
* Is it an expression of faith in God’s transforming power to assume He’s not getting the job done?
* Is it an expression of faith in Christ’s headship to assume He’s not directing?
* Is it an expression of faith in the Holy Spirit’s presence to assume there is no fruit of love, hope, faith, etc?
* Is it an expression of love of our brothers and sisters to constantly put them down and point only to weaknesses and failures, never acknowledging the work of God in their lives?
* Can you vehemently deride the body of Christ without deriding the Head, who is Christ Himself?

I love the Lord’s church, all its members wherever they may found. I have good reason. They have shown me the love of Christ in so many ways a blog could not contain them all. I pray tonight the church I’ve seen is the church others see. Flawed? Yes, but striving to follow Christ every step of the way.

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