Humor Me.

Ok, I’m taking off my minister’s hat for a second.

What’s with the new wave of plumber’s butt (sorry Mom) in fashion??? I’m watching the Olympics, and just saw a great USA win in the men’s 200m freestyle relay. And what did the camera show as they celebrated? A US olympian with plumber’s bum. I just don’t need to see that. I don’t care how many fashion magazines, rich celebrity kids, or even olympians have bought into it, it’s still plumber’s bum. It’s still ugly. It’s still gross.

Ok. I feel a little, not completely, but a little bit better now.

Hat back on.

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2 Responses to Humor Me.

  1. Serena Voss says:

    Since I didn’t watch the relays, I did not see what you saw, but I was bummed, flashed or half-mooned by plumbers butt in the recent kiddie’s flick, CAT in the HAT. Not only did I not need to see that, my grandkids didn’t need to see that, either.

    Feel free to take your hat off again, if you wish, and maybe, eventually, it will result in someone keeping their pants all the way on.

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